Technological ally

We contribute to positive change in the construction industry

Committed to the highest quality in the development of each project.

Project management

Technological innovation solutions

Our construction solutions are aligned with the objectives of:

Investment funds
Government institutions
Engineering consultants
Construction companies
Large asset owners
Owners oversight team
Steel and rebar manufacturers
Precast concrete manufacturers

Construction Solutions

Technological ally for your projects

Our construction solutions are aligned with the objectives of:

  • Energy
  • Health sector
  • Buildings
  • Mining sector
  • Tourism sector
  • Oil & Gas
  • Civil infrastructure
  • Transformation / Manufacturing
  • Utilities

Methodology in action

Definition and development of projects

We make innovative technological solutions available through coordination, implementation, modeling, support, technical advice, regulations and training.

Virtual Design and Construction-VDC for higher ROI
Strategy and execution plan Open BIM
Federated and Coordinated BIM model: 4D & 5D
Clash free model for construction
Structural Engineering & Reinforcing Steel -LOD400
Drone, 3D scanning, GPR, point cloud modeling
Smart City
Federated Open BIM model management throughout design, build and delivery
Architecture, Hydraulic, Mechanical, Electrical
As-Built model for asset and facility management
Owners oversight team
IOT integration for data management and monitoring
Technical documentation
3D renderings, VR and AR visualizations
Shop plans for fabrication
Public services digital twins

Implemented projects

Specific solutions based on specific needs

We implement the definition and development of each project through the Open Bim strategy and its respective execution plan, federated throughout the design, construction and delivery.

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