About us

Technological results in construction

We develop cutting-edge Open Bim solutions.

Intention in action

Efficiency and productivity in construction

  • We are your technological ally in construction.
  • Our focus is efficiency and productivity of the construction process.
  • We optimize the cost, time and quality of each project in the global market.

Open Bim Methodology

We optimize the cost, time and quality of your project

We implement the definition and development of each project through the Open Bim strategy and its respective execution plan, federated throughout the design, construction and delivery.

Expert team

We improve efficiency as a disruptive team

We are committed to the highest quality in the development of each project, we integrate all stakeholders through collaborative work.

José Miguel Vieira-Neves

Founder & Board member

Pedro Costa

Executive Board Member

Jhonatan Daza

Director of Engineering

Diego Osorio

Director of Architecture

Social impact

How do we do it?

We arose from the urgent desire to contribute to the change and improvement of the objective conditions of the population in general. Recognized as pioneers in the activity we carry out, we strengthen sustainable development, committed to actions of social inclusion, environmental balance and technological development that characterize the future of construction around the world.