Privacy Policy

Esquisso Colombia SAS

Esquisso complies with current regulations for the use of personal data, which is why we handle the following Privacy Policy:

Esquisso adopted the definition that the right of habeas data is the power that the owner of the personal data has to demand from the data administrators the access, inclusion, exclusion, correction, addition, update and data certification; understood as an autonomous right that differentiates it from other guarantees that are closely related to rights such as the right to privacy and information.

The owner of the information shall be understood as the natural or legal person to whom the information refers. The source of information will be the person, entity or organization that knows the personal data of the owner of the information. The operator of the information is the person, entity and organization that receives from the source personal data about various holders of the information.

When it refers to the data controller, it will be understood, in accordance with the Habeas Data Law, to be the natural or legal person, public or private, who, by itself or in association with others, carries out the processing of personal data on behalf of the data controller. treatment. In turn, the person in charge will be that natural or legal person, public or private, who by himself or in association with others, decides on the database and/or the processing of the data.

Esquisso may collect personal data only on a voluntary basis and will store them in such a way that they allow the owner to exercise their right of access when requested.

Definition adopted by the Colombian Constitutional Court in judgment C-1011 of 2008 when the constitutionality of the Habeas Data bill was analyzed.

Esquisso will proceed to destroy those data that are no longer necessary or pertinent to the purposes for which they were collected or when the owner of the information requests its destruction at any time.

Esquisso makes filming of images of its events or others, with the purpose of advertising its services and at no time in order to take advantage of the image of the people that appear in the images or videos collected. In the same way, at all times, the owner of the information or whoever appears in the images of any of the events held in the commercial establishments owned by Esquisso, will have a communication channel if they wish to make comments. or modifications regarding the graphic information that the company stores.

In accordance with current legislation, Esquisso will use the data collected to respond to your requests, improve our level of service and the content of our website; provide you with useful information, news and product updates; inform you about new products and services; obtain your opinion about our products and services. If the purpose of data collection were other than those stated here, it will be expressly notified at the time the data is required to be entered.

For the convenience of our visitors, the Esquisso website may have links to other third-party websites, as well as Esquisso advertising may include information from other companies, but this Privacy Policy will not apply to those sites or companies, so you should consult the respective privacy policies of the other sites.

Law 1581 of 2012 and its respective review of the constitutionality of the draft Law of judgment C-748 of 2011.

Although Esquisso cannot offer absolute guarantees against any loss, improper use or modification of personal data, it does make every effort to avoid such damage, adopting the technical and legal measures that are necessary to guarantee the security and confidentiality of personal data, so as to avoid its adulteration, loss, consultation or unauthorized treatment and that eventually allow deviations, intentional or not, of information to be detected, regardless of how it is intended to affect security.

Esquisso will not communicate the personal data to any third party unless the holder has given his express consent to the person in charge or responsible for the treatment, or that it is a communication permitted under local legislation.

For any request to access your information or change it, you may contact Esquisso via email< /a>.

Any changes made to this Privacy Policy will be made known by being published on the Esquisso website. It is understood that the Privacy Policy governs without prejudice to another express consent that is delivered separately, related to the processing or treatment of the data. It will be understood that the consent given separately will prevail over this Privacy Policy as long as it is in accordance with current legislation on the matter.

Lastly, in its capacity as Responsible Enrolled in Personal Databases, Esquisso informs that all its workers and/or collaborators have a Confidentiality Agreement with the company, in which they are obliged to protect the data or the information to which they have access on the occasion of the execution of an employment contract or the provision of professional services.